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Commissioners must put stop to excessive building
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Forsyth County News

You would think that our [county] commissioners would give a little thought to zoning and approving all of these subdivisions before destroying our way of life in this county.

You can take a Sunday afternoon ride and there will not be many [roads] that will not have two or three new subdivisions being built.

There is nothing being done on the effects this is having on our schools, roads and traffic. Just crossing town now is a nightmare and very nerve racking.

Missing the potholes is new lesson in driving because nothing is being repaired until the holes are deep and ruin your tires of front end of your car.

I don’t understand the board of education not showing their displeasure at the meetings to let the commissioners know that they are not agreeable to this building.

Every home built usually brings a minimum of two kids and this brings in more expense for building additional schools.

This usually costs major bucks for the land, as well as constructions costs of the new schools, which is usually in the millions of dollars to be paid over many years by the people in the county.

What happened? Greed? Why can’t we just be happy to live without all this destruction of our home living?

Someone told me they have stopped giving building permits until April, 7, until they can increase their needed help to move the zonings along faster.

Folks, this is nothing but a sham. They have no plans to slow down these zonings. All they want is more tax money to spend and look good while they are looking after us.

Please contact your commissioner and let them know how you feel about this mess they have approved, but not to our benefit.


Sid Barfield

Forsyth County