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Common Core is bad for America
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Forsyth County News

Common Core standards threaten parents’ rights, children’s privacy and traditional American values.

If central planners and progressive bureaucrats get their way, teaching the Constitution to American schoolchildren will be a thing of the past.

Common Core dumbs down education, collects data on kids and their families, while putting our kids even further behind other country’s students and their test scores.

President Obama supports Common Core’s progressive education standards and wants every child in America to obey Washington D.C.’s rules. Their goal is to put out good worker bees; while leaving behind thinking skills and logic.

Washington bureaucrats don’t know what’s best for America’s kids. Since D.C. decided to run America’s schools, national test scores have actually gotten worse.

American children shouldn’t be tracked, monitored, and educated from D.C. They should be educated by people who know them and their families. Since the [federal] Dept. of Education started overseeing our schools, taxpayer costs have exploded and test scores have decreased. I much prefer our local educators here in Forsyth County; our test scores prove that our teachers are doing a great job.

Lastly, Common Core takes away a parent’s voice in their child’s education; while encouraging bureaucrats from D.C. to assume ownership of children they have no right to. It reminds me of communists and their thoughts regarding children, i.e.: they belong to the collective. I’m sorry, but children “belong” to the family that birthed them; not the government.


Mrs. Dee Stern