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Construction is taking toll on natural Forsyth
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Forsyth County News

I am an Atlanta native that moved into Forsyth County some 13 years ago following a career that took me to several other Southeast and Midwest cities.

I chose Forsyth partly because of the green spaces and natural hilly topography. In fact, that is also why Atlanta has always been such a pretty city to me — the natural green and hills.

I am writing to encourage a close look at what large "track" builders and developers are doing to Forsyth. As I drive around the county, I am really shocked to see what is taking place in the county, certainly in South Forsyth.

Aside from the impact on infrastructure, the beauty of "natural Forsyth" is being destroyed. In contrast to north Fulton, where there appears to be more concern given to green, our county leaders seem content to allow the destruction of the county.

I think a full-scale look at the issue would be of great interest.



Wayne Smith