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County should think about the taxpayers
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Forsyth County News

Two articles on the front page of the March 14 Forsyth County News that caused my blood pressure to spike.

First, the Forsyth County Development Authority will be looking into how best to handle 34 acres bought years ago for a future jail site.  Since the land will no longer be needed for a jail, the Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce is presenting options for using the land; i.e., office or industrial buildings.

I have what I believe is the better option:  keep the Chamber and Development Authority out of the decision, put the property up for sale, and let the open market decide what is its best use. The county speculated on the purpose for the land and foolishly spent $7 million ($205,882 per acre). It’s time to sell the land for market value and take the profits (or cut the losses) for the taxpayers without spending any more money.

Second, the Forsyth County Commissioners are reviewing the recreation “wish list” for [a possible] bond issue for parks, recreation and green space. In typical government fashion, the approach is:  “Let’s first go in debt to obtain the money; then we can dream up what to spend it on.” The projects mentioned in the article totaled $28 million. 

Let’s remember these issues when we vote for new commissioners come election day.


Paul Schneider