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Let’s make the right decision

Our country is at a crossroad that will determine whether we will survive. Our strength is the structure that gives equal power to the three branches of government. If you continue to turn a blind eye to the incompetence, lies, racism, greed and corruption in the executive branch, you will be an accessory to the downfall of our country and perhaps the free world. This president is incapable of having any concerns for anyone other than himself and the profits he can make at the expense of everyone else in the United States.

What are you focusing on? You are focused on pleasing your donors so you can keep your job. You are focused on giving tax breaks to multimillionaires, billionaires and corporations who are already making record profits. You need to listen to your constituents. If an overwhelming number of people are urging you to vote no on the tax bill, you should vote no. If your donors tell you that they will cut off your campaign money unless you vote the way they want, you are admitting you are willing and eager to be bribed. That means you are corrupt. 

I would actually like for you to vote in a different way. I think it would be appropriate to say “not yet.” I think you should either withhold your vote or abstain. We do need to restructure our tax system for individuals and corporations. However, we need to do it in a thoughtful, reasoned approach. Trying to push this through on a 50+1 manner only shows our system of government is fractured. It is not beyond repair but the people in our nation need to see that the legislative (Republicans and Democrats) and judicial branches of government can work together so the citizens can see hope for survival until the executive branch can be restored to sanity. I hope you have the courage to do the right thing.

Chuck Woddail