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Letter: Accusations against Kavanaugh a disgrace

The headline of Debra Saunders’ column in the Oct. 3 paper says it all. “Kavanaugh accuser believable but can’t corroborate.”

I must be so old fashioned in believing facts matter, not a believable performance. Even Ms. Saunders admits professor Ford did not know where or when the incident occurred.

Her named witnesses all denied knowing anything about the alleged event. In her first admitted discussion of the event with her therapist she failed to mention his name. She passed a polygraph test given by a friendly tester. It was not mentioned that the accuser did not know how she got to the site of the incident or how she got home even though it was at least six miles from her home.

How can someone so well educated with three advanced degrees and a college professor act so helpless and almost pitiful at those hearings? I guess it worked because even President Trump thought she was believable. Many Republicans do too.

Count me in the Lindsey Graham camp. This whole attempted destruction of a good man’s reputation is a disgrace.

Ralph Johnston