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Letter: Cartoon describes current situation

The graphic by Jim Powell (Forsyth County News opinion, Feb 6, 2019) is perfect and visually pictures what is happening in this country (and in our Congress specifically), i.e., the Left-Right composition.  

If this country’s leaders don’t soon get their act together, I’m afraid we’re in for great difficulty.  I can only imagine what other countries must think of us and our internal bickering.  If we don’t learn to work together for the good of our country, we may find that our country is shrinking in the eyes of the world.  Internal strife has been the downfall of many societies through the years.  I quote a very pertinent portion of our Pledge of Allegiance, “one nation, indivisible ....”.  Unfortunately it is painfully evident that we have become “divisible,” something akin to the words of “Pogo” the comic crocodile “we has met the enemy and they is us.”

Bob Grayson