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Letter: Commissioners’ pay is enough

I have read about the commissioners’ pursuit to increase their pay and pay an outside firm approximately $20,000 to tell them whether or not they are being paid enough for a part-time job, which is about $36,000. 

It makes sense that they could make calls to the other local counties and receive info from them to come up with a respectable pay scale. They should know what their salary was when they got elected to this position. Sorry, but I think you are doing well on your present salaries.

Also, I would like to know if anyone has put a request to fix our roads. We have a major problem with our roads that are in terrible condition and need these pot holes fixed or the public will certainly be fixing their cars when they drive into one of them. I know you travel the same roads we do so you have to see how bad they are and do something. 

Also, please put out on the county roads, signs, “do not litter,” and state fine of $300 for the offense. I believe this would stop people, at least some of them, who throw their trash from fast food establishments.

I know some people will not agree, but we have a beautiful county, and some of us want to keep it that way. One other request please, please put a moratorium on the approval of building permits. Thank you.

Sid Barfield