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Letter: Deep state alive and well in D.C.

I always look forward to reading Hank Sullivan’s columns. Sometimes I agree with his commentary, sometimes I disagree, and sometimes I just have to roll my eyes and wonder!

His most recent column [published Dec. 7], “Massive Trump Deception Afoot,” I believe is way out there! I asked myself, self how did Mr. Sullivan arrive at this destination? 

In a column Hank wrote a few months ago, he suggested that President Trump and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions were actually working together to arrive at a gotcha moment regarding the never- Trumpers. By making it look like Trump and Sessions were at odds, it would give Trump a “gotcha” moment and catch the never-Trumpers off guard. Well, Jeff Sessions is gone, and so is the Trump-Sessions collusion scenario.

Mr. Sullivan’s most recent column on Trump ultimately being able to bring charges against Mueller and Rosenstein for treason, in my humble opinion, will never come to pass either. Why? Because almost two years have passed with hearing upon hearing in the House of Representatives and no one has been indicted. Mueller, Rosenstein and Clinton are alive and well.

So I ask Mr. Sullivan how he arrives at any scenario where Mueller, Rosenstein, Clinton or anyone involved in the Uranium One deal, including Trump-Russia  collusion, will be brought to justice.

The fact is almost every Republican or Democrat deep state inhabitant would like Trump gone. In my humble opinion, they will do whatever it takes to protect anyone working toward removing Trump from office! To date, the never-Trumpers are still alive and well and still on the offensive!

We are all entitled to our opinions, but somewhere along the line, we should be able to back up our opinions with facts!

The trouble with news today is we all seem to have opinions, which by design cause us to react “emotionally” without applying any logic to justify our emotional response. Politics and human emotion, what a heck of a combination!

Anthony Gulla