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Letter: A socialist Forsyth County, U.S. is a scary thought
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Local Democratic leader Steve Smith, in his FCN opinion piece, tries valiantly to sugarcoat the socialist direction the Democrats, including the local Democratic party, are moving. 

A crack through the thin sugar coating will give us a look at counties like Venezuela to see how well socialism works.  A once thriving country and economy, Venezuela now ranks dead last in the 32 countries of the Americas. Don’t be fooled  — Venezuela is a real life example of socialism. 

Honestly, just think about it, has anything government ever tried to “balance” (socialist code for control, regulate and tax) ever worked out to the benefit of the citizenry?

Georgia has a growing, stable economy, low unemployment and is the No. 1 state to do business. 

Forsyth County is the most desirable and successful county in the state of Georgia — top schools, top recreation, top law enforcement, low crime, great economy and generally one of the most sought after places to live and work in the USA.  

What do Georgia and Forsyth County have in common? Both are under conservative Republican leadership. The high quality of life our residents enjoy each and every day would not be possible under socialist Democratic rule. 

How do I know? Just take a look at states and cities run into the ground by the Democrats: Chicago, Baltimore, New York City, California, even Atlanta … the list goes on and on.  

Rose colored glasses may be fine for some, but I prefer to look at real life examples. There is no arguing that smaller government, lower taxes, less regulation and capitalism are the hallmark, and success, of Forsyth County and the USA. 

Socialism, no matter how well it is spun and sugarcoated by the Democrats, is a very scary thought.

Patrick Bell, Chairman

Forsyth County Republican Party