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Letter to the Editor
Voters got it right in Richards race
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Forsyth County News
The recent election of commissioners was interesting.  At the prior election, I was enthusiastic that Harrell won giving us Laughinghouse, Richard and Harrell.  

However Mr. Richards’ constant barrage of belittling comments toward others, caustic tone on his web site, etc.,  left me questioning his effectiveness.  Then, after reading a quote of Mr. Richard concerning his opponent, where Mr. Richard used his normal condescending tones, I sent him an e-mail saying that no one was to blame for his defeat but he himself, due to his less than adequate communication/people skills.

In his reply he proved to me the voters got it right.  He actually said he didn’t care about my feelings and to stop bothering him.  The quotes: “In what way do you think I care about your feelings about me?” and “Now, please stop bothering me ...”

It was my first and only e-mail to him.  Score a big one for the voters.  A public servant actually told me he didn’t care about me and to stop bothering him. Yep, we got it right.  We don’t need leaders like that.  

Jim Davies