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Letter to the editor
Truth must be known about fire, graffiti
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Forsyth County News
I’m writing to encourage you to follow up on your story in Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2009 Forsyth County news regarding the home fire on Lanier Drive. The suspicious nature of the fire and the disgusting graffiti at the home break my heart, and worry me greatly. 

While the victim’s father is hopeful and says that the incident “doesn’t represent the community,” I myself am concerned if there is even one person in Forsyth County with such hatred in their heart. 

Racism in Forsyth County needs to be completely a thing of past, as citizens we need to condemn this crime and voice our outrage! Even if it is an isolated incident, I hope and pray the perpetrator(s) are apprehended, prosecuted and penalized for the crime. Forsyth County fire and sheriff’s department should aggressively pursue this case — this should be a top focus for both departments at this time. 

I’m asking you, someone with a voice and platform at the Forsyth County News, to stand up and demand this case gets full attention and the full resources of the county has to offer. Also, please follow-up on the investigation to keep all of us citizens aware of how it proceeds. 

If it comes to be true it is not a case of arson, please write about that too.  However, I will find that very hard to believe with the racist graffiti at the site.  The coincidence of the fire and the graffiti showing up at the same time is just too great to ignore.  Even if it is so, at the very least, the graffiti artist should be apprehended and prosecuted. 
I hope our county does not forget this crime. I hope our county has grown to become the “new Forsyth County” it should be. I hope our county is one of tolerance and is a place where a variety of viewpoints can be heard and considered. I hope and pray that Forsyth County is one that welcomes in new residents, new ideas, and new hope for the future.

Paula Benson