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Letter to the editor
Just another U.S. enemy?
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Forsyth County News
I read with great interest, not great enthusiasm, the opinion column you carried on  March 4, “Whipping up another US Enemy!”  I have not lived in the South all my life so I cannot, therefore, comment on the early politics, predjudices, and actions of earlier southern politicians.  Nor am I a member of either political party.  That out of the way, I have the following issues with Mr. Bill Shipp’s opinions:

I agree that conservative columnists and radio hosts have had tirads against the evils of socialism with Democrats being the main promoters. Maybe we can figure out why by doing a bit of homework.

By definition Socialism refers to a broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating public or state ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.  It is difficult to deny the recent trends from Washington aiming the U.S. at this goal.  

Marxism holds at its core a critical analysis of capitalism and a theory of social change.

According to Karl Marx, clearly stated in his “Communist Manifesto,”  the first step to Communism is Socialism.  This is what generates the “fear” that Mr. Shipp does not understand.  

In an effort to keep this letter short and to the point, I invite everyone to use their favorite search engine to read the 10 points of the “Communist Manifesto” and see if it does not elevate their level of fear.  Also notice how many of those steps have been recently employed by our politicians in D.C.

I have no qualms with Mr. Shipp’s accusing the Republican Party of irresponsible spending and delving into socialistic activities, it is most probably true.  

To sum this up, I am personally fearful of creeping socialism which includes, but is not limited to:

• Increasing progressive income tax.

• Redistribuition of wealth.

• Socialized medicine that has resulted in “rationed medical care” in every country embracing it.

• Abolition of private property; government involvement in real estate and mortgages.

• Central bank (outlawed by constitution at the moment, but happening anyway through partial nationalization recently.

• Government control of labor; unhealthy union of labor unions with government.

•  Government control of education, limiting private education by any means, which is happening now.

Thanks for you time, and I beg all to do their own homework!

Joe Gliebe