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Letter to the editor
Similarity in road names confusing
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Forsyth County News
If you kept getting your neighbors mail and packages, because your builder and the county “missed” the similarities of two street names in your neighborhood when approving them, what would you do?

Well, that’s exactly what my neighbor and I have ben going through for over a year.  We live on opposite sides of the neighborhood and she continously receives my mail and packages.  Not to mention that contractors for warranty service show up at her door instead of mine and when the Forsyth County Sheriff’s were called one night to my home ... they showed up at her door, instead of mine.

We both have pleaded and pleaded with the builder and the county to change the street name.  Then, they did in July 2008,  to Flagstone Mill Cove, while her’s remains Flagstone Court.

However, to date she has received pieces of my mail over 125 times and over 10 of my packages.  Talking to the USPS has not helped, because my street name is still too similiar to hers, especially when we both have the same street number.

We have pleaded, and pleaded with the builder and county again to correct their fault one more time and this time make it right.  They refuse to help us.  Now, my house is the only house in the cul-de-sac where I live; her street is fully built out.  What happens when another home goes up in the cul-de-sac here — is one of her neighbors going to have to suffer the same inconveniences because our builder refuses to pay for a new street name??

Sheila Elliott