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Letter to the Editor
City doesnt need countys help on water
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Forsyth County News
Interesting strategy from the Laughinghouse-led county commission:

Sit back on your haunches while the city of Cumming takes charge of developing the plan for the $15 million new water intake from Lake Lanier, completing the first two of three phases on their own nickel, and then see the county swoop in to save the day with their offer of assisting with the EPA water supply project grant submission process.

Why does the city need the county for this? To help with writing and submission of the grant? Give us all a break. The notion belies logic and is another snafued attempt by Laughinghouse and company to demonstrate their ‘sincerety’ in wanting to work with the city.

That bus left the station a long time ago.

Doesn’t the county think that the constant backing of the mayor into multiple corners has worn on the mayor’s willingness to help out the county? In the case of water supply, the city holds allof the cards. They don’t need a half-hearted attempt from the county at trying to contribute to the water intake project, especially an attempt that doesn’t mean anything.

If the county ever wants to play on a level field with the city, there needs to be a sincere display of hat-in-hand from the county to the city. And it needs to happen soon.

David ‘AJ’ Pritchett

former county commissioner