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Letter to the editor
Use passion for real problems
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Forsyth County News
I applaud the commission’s decision to postpone the dog tethering issue, in spite of [Chairman Charlie Laughing-
house] protestation.

It should be postponed indefinitely, until they get a handle on enforcing the ordinance already on the books.  I’ve personally almost run over two dogs running loose in the past two weeks.

As I’ve pointed out before, the economy’s down, many people are hurting, and this change may cause some to have to give up their dog.

There is no proven need for this change; the majority of vicious dog attacks that occur have nothing to do with dogs on a tether.  

There is no exception for dogs on a run or used for security purposes. As someone who has been involved in helping the homeless in this county, these people need to get a real cause. I have recently helped a person whose power has been off for several weeks who used food stamps to keep the dogs fed. The Humane Society is having trouble keeping food on hand, and checking this week they are out.

The ridiculous waste of time and money on this effort by some misguided do-gooders needs to cease and desist.  

Table this change until the economy turns around, the Humane Society is well-stocked, and other more important issues are handled.

Better yet, forget about it all together.

As the saying goes, a man’s home is his castle, and whether he ties up his dog or sets a place for it at the supper table it is his business.  If the dog is not being abused it is no one else’s business.  

Get a real cause folks, there are people out there lost and hurting. In Mark chapter 9 Jesus said if you give a cup of water in His name you will not lose your reward.

How about it folks, can you get with a real cause, one that has an eternal reward? The Place, and other ministries that are helping the hurting out there could use your help.

Porter R. Downey III