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Letter to the Editor
Soldiers death coverage lacking
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Forsyth County News
I would like to express how disappointed I am with the Forsyth County News regarding the notification of the death of Cpl. Phillips in the July 23, 2008, edition.

The first article that should have caught your readers attention was “Soldier’s funeral set for Saturday.” Instead I see a huge article about Ozzie’s ordeal, voting machines questioned and Saturday night fights.

I believe that Corporal Phillips deserves more than a side line. Here is a Forsyth County resident who served and died for our country, and his death and funeral notice follows a cat story. Unbelievable.

Your paper also prints a small article at the bottom of page 3A expressing the need for people to line the funeral route to show support for this young soldier. This should have followed the lead story of his death, accomplishments and the love for his country.

I sincerely hope that in the future should we lose another soldier; he or she gets more recognition and praise than what Cpl. Phillips has received.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Phillips, family and may God bless them during this difficult time.

Stanley Elrod