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Letter to the editor
Columnist just another liberal in the media
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Forsyth County News
To  columnist Tom Crawford:

As a relatively new resident to the metro Atlanta area (30  years in Orange County Cal.), I hope to God that your voice is merely one of the few left-wing radicals still left in the South. I listened to your counterparts for years in California and watched them wreck what once was a  really nice place. I will do whatever necessary to make sure the South maintains its conservative history, solid family and work-based values.

I was a subscriber to the AJC but just could  not take the one-sided arguments. I am down to the WSJ and many  Internet blog sites.

Your first bit of wackiness was “...developments  growing like ‘cancer’ around the metro area.” I watched the liberals in California take this stance; once they are there, nobody else is welcome.  Nevertheless, all other areas had to have their doors wide open to everyone and anyone regardless of legal status.

Your next comment, “Somebody needs to tell Perdue  that his good friend George W. Bush is no longer president...” is really getting old and worn out as we watch his replacement break virtually every  campaign promise and receive virtually none of the negative media attention President Bush did. Bush labeled himself a “compassionate  conservative.”  This is foolish in the face of liberals who will condemn anything he did and always want more than he gave.

The next biased, if not foolish, line is “Unfortunately for Georgia, nine of its 15 congressional members are Republicans...”  Thank God! I can assure you that 2010 will bring a much different picture to the congressional makeup.

I am unaware of Paul Broun but he sounds no crazier than a  multitude of congressmen from the great state of California.

Your last remark “... but his party is down to 40  seats in the Senate and that number seems to keep shrinking” is  nothing more than a reminder that 2010 is around the corner and this nonsensical congress we have voted in for the sake of “change” will be swept away for many years to come.

The Republicans blew their chance to implement their values and reduce the size of the federal government. We failed miserably.  However, you guys are going to make it easier than any of us  would have believed to take it back and do it over properly.

Chris J. Nichols