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Letter to the Editor
Compromise would have saved millions
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Forsyth County News

I would like to take issue with Bob Slaughter (letters to editor, 7/6/08) on two key issues. How dare he insinuate that Judge (Jeffrey) Bagley and Judge (David) Dickinson are biased.

They are two of the finest Superior Court judges in this state. Their rulings are based on the Georgia Constitution and case law. Property rights and vested rights have always been and will remain sacred in this state.

As the Threat property condemnation should have taught everyone in this county, it is much safer and usually much cheaper to negotiate in good faith. Had Smart Growth, led by Bob Slaughter,  offered to grade the property in question to a reasonable slope, I am sure they county could have saved about half of the $4.3 million award.

Julian W. Bowen
Former Forsyth County
Commission Chairman