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Letter to the editor
Busy intersection still dangerous
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Forsyth County News
I live at Majors Road and Hwy. 9 where a traffic light was installed. This was a long-awaited light, but I have one problem. There is no left turn signal for the traffic coming out of Majors Road onto Hwy. 9 North, nor traffic coming out of Shiloh Road to turn onto Hwy. 9 South.

Why wasn’t a planned signal made for that end of the intersection? We must guess that the county will only wait for a number of bad accidents to occur before they will change the signal. Why wait?

I would also like to address the problem of Big Creek park.

The entrance on Bethelview Road on Monday had cars parked on the shoulder of the road which could cause a safety hazzard, and there was not a police officer anywhere near it. Seems that that should be addressed by the county before a terrible accident occurs there.

Finally the issue of day workers lining Hwy. 9. If the county is to improve this area then they need to address this problem which extends from the corner of Bethelview and Peachtree Pkwy. up to the bowling alley. What a sight for visitors to see while visiting this part of the county.

Tom Moneuse