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Letter to the editor
We need Americans proud of their country to be more involved
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Forsyth County News
Wow! — what a pleasure to read (letters to the editor) all the voices of political concern.

I concur with many of them; this is the office of the president of your country. The most powerful, desired country in the entire world.

So what does than make him?  Hmm? Better yet, so what does that make you — yes, a very powerful desired voting citizen of the United States of America.

You could have been born a Haitian citizen, an Ethiopian, or an Iranian. But no, you were born an American, and as an American citizen, there is a price on your head, a price on your land ownership, a price on your Social Security number,  a price on your citizenship, and a price that is desired by everyone else in the world.

They say “I wish I could be an American” and live in the freest most powerful nation in the world.  They say, “I wish I had running water, food, and electricity, today. I wished I lived in America”

Fine, if you have complaints or issues with your government then run for a political office, speak up, vote, join a club, set an example, be a leader for heaven sake.  

And if you’re a wimp and can’t lead, then follow and follow respectfully! You know what, If you can’t lead or you can’t follow, then what good are you? Then leave, just leave, get out of my country and now, you have no worth, you never did anything but complain anyhow.

Most of us would have been knocked across the room by our parents if we sprouted out “liar” in any public setting. Hark, “Liar, liar, pants on fire.”

What a joke.

I’m sure there is a ton of pork belly buried in this health reform as there is with any political vote, but this is our leader, my leader, your president, our president, and the office of president commands respect, more respect than you or I. Of course, unless you think you’re better.

Sure, I would call myself a democrat, but no, no, no, I had to vote Republican this go around as taxes are getting out of control and it seems our Congress thinks it’s a free for all. That’s understandable — they’re politicians not accountants. Good day, be sure to pray.

Ken Kurtz