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Letter to the editor
Ballpark math just doesnt add up
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Forsyth County News
I am a bit confused by the math used to justify the expenditure of an additional $483K for artificial turf at Fowler park. The new turf lasts 10 years, would save $30,000 to $40,000 per year (which I attribute to the additional costs of maintaining real grass) and the artificial grass costs $483,000.

$40,000 X 10 = $400,000

$483,000 - $400,000 = $83,000

My math says it would be at least $83,000 less expensive to use real grass and maintain it.

Perhaps there is something I’m missing, or some other factors left unsaid in the Forsyth County News article of Sept. 25. In addition, while fewer man hours would likely be required to maintain the artificial grass — real grass would support more county jobs and the maintenance materials would more likely be purchased from local companies. While artificial turf does not have to be watered, neither does it handle rainfall runoff nor contribute to that wonderful oxygen that we all need to breathe. I also certainly hope that the artificial turf has been certified to not contain any toxic materials and after it’s useful life will be discarded in a responsible manner.

While I did vote for the green space bonds, I am more and more concerned by use for items that cannot, even in the most remote definition of the term, be categorized as “green.”

I do count myself as an environmentalist, but I will have to think long and hard about supporting future county funding of green space bond issues if the usage of the monies continue to be utilized in this way.

Ron Williams