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Letter to the editor
Fear tactics used to attack Beck
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Forsyth County News
You out performed yourself by publishing this article [Followers better watch where Beck leads]  on Oct. 4. Rod Dreher, Dallas Morning News, typifies today’s liberal (a/k/a progressive) mindset. He basically ignores facts and/or truth.  He uses fear tactics, inuendoes and personal attacks, i.e., “Beck is a white Jeremiah Wright,” “a crazy-pants conspiracy theorist,” “before signing up as a recruit in Beck’s army” (By the way, I signed up long, long ago), “This is the sort of weirdo rant you expect to encounter on fringy web sites.” (The Glenn Beck Web site would hardly be, truthfully, referred to as fringy).

Dreher says that “Beck is always carrying on about sinister Obamaite conspiracies threatening to overthrow the constitutional order.” During his campaign for president, Mr. Obama promised “we intend to fundamentally transform this nation.” That hardly qualifies as a “sinister conspiracy.”  If you intend to fundamentally transform a nation, you must overthrow the existing constitutional order.

He then attacks Beck for calling the president a tratorious subversive. Seems the liberal, progressive media, and the Democrat House and Senate leadership, all called George Bush every despicable, nasty, hurtful, traitorious (among others) name known to man. That went on for eight years, but there was no call for a public hanging of his critics.

The root cause of Glenn Beck’s paranoia? One W. Cleon Skousen, a “far right, Mormon political guru.” Uh, oh! Here we go with the Jack Kennedy paranoia again. “The Pope will be running the United States from the Vatican!”  Dreher fails to bring in all the “far left gurus” who are advising Mr. Obama — Beck is a media personality; Barack Obama is president.

Finally, Dreher moves in for the kill: “The pudgy, sweet-natured Beck” on the one hand, and “Beck is an unhinged buffoon who traffics in crude, ridiculous ideas.”  Wrong! I am diligently pursuing Beck’s suggested trails of corruption, greed, political paybacks, and am amazed at what Americans are willing to tolerate. If Glenn Beck is all these things, he’s hardly worthy of an entire negative opinion. Leave religion out. Beck is not running for office.

Don Broome