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Letter to the editor
Letter twisted history on religion in U.S.
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Forsyth County News
Without fail, an intolerant, liberal, biased, transplant will reveal themselves — once they open the mouth.

Angie Rigney [letters to the editor, FCN 11/22] became a military expert after consulting “,” and tells Mr. Downey that our military is a “team.” Teams are in baseball, football, track, softball, etc. Our military is not a team; each branch must, first, be woven into a cohesive “unit.”  

When I was a WWII Marine, we wore our “faith” on our dog tags, but we also did not permit felons into the military.

Don’t you just hate it when one attempts to reinforce their argument with twisted, erroneous history?  Ms. Rigney, our Founding Fathers never intended to “mandate a state religion.”  Such a foolish statement.

True, the English settlers left England, sailed to Holland, and then to America. You must, however, read our Declaration of Independence to learn all the reasons they fled from dictatorial King George — the “Church of England” was only one reason.  No one, but no one, has ever suggested there be a  “Church of America.”

Mr. Downey’s letter was not, as you allege, based on ignorance, fear and intolerance. He has much more historical insight than you. Our nation’s strongest building block has been religious tolerance, but the practitioners of all the religious sects in the U.S.A. have assimilated themselves into this country’s culture.

Before you chastize Mr. Downey’s comparison of the Islamic Center to a Nazi Social Club as “one of the most offensive sentences,” consider, not Adolph Hitler, but homogenized countries as Russia, China, Japan, Mongolia.

No one is attempting to “purify” this country; Mr. Downey appears to have been raising his own warning flag. Do you know of any Protestant and/or Catholic churches recently built in Iran? Iraq? Saudi Arabia? Somalia? Pakistan? It’s called Intolerance 101. Have someone look it up and explain to you: Ottoman Empire, The Moors, The Crusades and the Nation of Islam.

Mr. Downey is “small minded, irrational, hate-filled, arrogant, ignorant, afraid, intolerant, bigoted.” My late wife used a great bit of wisdom in her favorite expression: When you point your index finger at me, the other three are pointed at you.

Don Broome