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Letter to the editor
Price of golf course too expensive
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Forsyth County News
On Jan. 18, 2010 I sent the letter below to Commissioner Jim Harrell about his idea of purchasing the Lanier Golf Course.

Commissioner Harrell,

Last year the board of assessors set the assessed value of Lanier Golf Course land and improvements at $3,612,678. This value is consistent with those of other Forsyth golf courses (Hampton - $3.8 million. Old Atlanta - $5.18 million, St. Marlo - $6.2 million, Windermere - $6.35 million and Polo Fields - $6.8 million).

The Forsyth County News reports that you are in favor of purchasing the golf course for $9,000,000 of the tax payers’ bond issue funds.

If you are in favor of purchasing Lanier Golf Course for this amount, could you please share with me how the $9,000,000 purchase price could be in the best interest of the citizens of the county?

Maybe the question should be: What should the citizens know that would make them feel comfortable purchasing the golf course at more than twice the assessed value?

I cannot understand the financial thinking behind purchasing this property at this price. I hope that Mr. Harrell and the other commissioners understand that it is their duty to explain this to the citizens before they act.

Charles Meagher

Former chairman, Forsyth County Board of Tax Assessors