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Letter to the editor
Golf course deal would be an insult to countys voters
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Forsyth County News
The purchase of the Lanier Golf Course, as outlined by Commissioner Jim Harrell, should not occur.  

Such a purchase violates the spirit of the Green Space Bond issue passed by our citizens in February, 2008. 

In October, 2007, the day after the Board of Commi-ssioners voted for the bond issue referendum, a commissioner was quoted in the Forsyth County News as saying that the bond issue would not include a golf course.

The committee created by the commissioners to engender public support (Envision Green Forsyth) specifically discussed not having a golf course in the bond issue offering.

The bond issue was successful, but I doubt that it would have passed had the public known it could lead to the purchase of a golf course.

In this day of distrust of public officials, I call upon Chairman Laughinghouse to stop action on the purchase of Lanier Golf Course until or unless the voting public has an opportunity to have its say.

The commissioners should call for a specific vote outlining how the rest of the bond issue funds are to be spent, or they should cease all action on this project.

This vote could be part of this July’s primary, or better yet, November’s general election.

A vote by the citizens is the only way to make sure that the purchase of a golf course is in line with the desires of our community. To do less would run the risk of injecting future bond issues with voter cynicism.

No politician worthy of the public’s support should knowingly break the voters’ trust in future bond issues.

It is our commissioners’ collective duty to keep the faith of our citizens — all of our citizens, not just those with a special interest in the exclusive and expensive sport of golf.

I do not believe that our county should use these bond issue funds to purchase Lanier Golf Course unless the citizens of Forsyth County have the opportunity to vote on it.

Making this purchase without a vote may be technically legal, but it would violate the spirit of the Green Space Bond Issue as promoted to the citizens.
Kathleen Lewis