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Letter to the editor
Ineptness leads to rebellion
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Forsyth County News
This week I received a certified letter informing me a lien had been placed on my property. This greatly disturbed me for many reasons. I had had no work done on my property, taxes are paid, and my home is mine free and clear.

After I spent my afternoon checking out how this could happen, I found out there had been a mix-up in addresses. I find this appalling that anyone could go in, file a lien on my property with no proof that any work had ever been on my property.

I did find the person that had had the work done. They had promptly paid their bill, yet the contractor had not paid the sub-contractor so by law they were permitted to go after the home owner.

It seems that us home and land owners are being punished all around by lawmakers that are in a position to cater to lobbyists and special interest groups rather than the people who they are supposed to represent.

And yet people wonder why people are rebelling all across America! I’m finding a tea party to go attend!

Debra Evans