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Letter to the editor
County golf course not a top priority
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Forsyth County News
Why does Forsyth County find It necessary to spend $9 million dollars on a golf course? Couldn’t you find a more responsible way to spend that money? The board has cut department budgets, laid employees off, taken away raises and paid holidays. All because they say they don’t have the money.

What about the safety of the residents and visitors of Forsyth County?

When you cut budgets, lay people off, freeze or do away with vacant positions, you are hurting the citizens of Forsyth County. We pay enough taxes; there should be no question where this $9 million dollars should be spent. You better back up and look at the big picture.

A new golf course for Forsyth County, where I am sure the board will be able to play golf at a discounted rate, should not be a priority. What the board should be looking at and trying to improve is the safety and protection of the citizens of Forsyth County that elected you into office and those that pass through our county each day.                

Stanley Elrod