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Letter to the editor
County teeing off on a bad deal
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Forsyth County News
If you haven’t heard, horse manure runs down hill and Forsyth County residents are standing at the bottom. The recent article (“Suitor scoffs at golf offer”) speaks volumes about the under-the-table and secretive nature by which our local politicans operate. There may be some sour grapes on the part of the suitor, Joe Guerra of Canongate, but there is a whole lot of truth to those grapes.

I’m an avid golfer yet no Jack Nicklaus (just ask my golf buddies). Played a lot of golf on some really good and bad tracks and Lanier Golf Club is no $12 million course.

When members of our U.S. House and Senate get sweetheart deals to vote a certain way, it is only a matter of time before Chicago style politics makes its way to Forsyth County.

Two guys get rid of a piece of property they can no longer develop like gangsters dumping a dead body. Seven guys thump themselves on the chest and tell you the manure will make you grow and prosper. And some of us will buy it.

I just don’t happen to be one of them.

And how come we can’t see those appraisals? We paid for them.

Jack McCarthy