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Letter to the editor
Health care vote bad for the people
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Forsyth County News
Today is a sad time for America. Sunday, Congress voted on the Obama health care bill. I don’t understand what the hurry was that they had to vote on Sunday, “the Lord’s day.” Now I am convinced that members of Congress and the president have no morals whatsoever.

They also reported that the health care bill would only cost approximately $940 billion but they always pick a low price and it will be in the range of $2 trillion. Also they will cut payments to doctors and hospitals by billions of dollars, to those that have a insurance, that medicare is responsible to pay some part of, so that these people will not want to serve you.

The government already has given bailouts to car manufactures, banks, mortgage companies, insurance companies, at the cost of a billion dollars, and now they want to control the health care system. Do you really want them to control your life totally? Is this not Socialism? It certainly is not the free enterprise system that our country was founded on. By our founding fathers, who wrote the Constitution of the United States to protect us.
It is a shame and disgrace how they bypassed our Constitution and the people of this great country.

We only need the leaders of each party in Congress because they make all other members vote the way they want them to anyway. Look at the million of dollars this would save our country. Each member now, with the exception of a very few, vote straight party regardless of whether is good for the people or not.

Remember, this will burden your grandchildren and mine, some who are not even born yet, billions of dollars in their lifetime.

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. Thank our God that the government is not in charge of our days. God bless.

Sid Barfield