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Letter to the editor
Congress forgets who it reprsents
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Forsyth County News
Congress or Parliament?  On July 4, 1776, the people of this great nation rose up against a tyrant stating that governments are instituted among men, deriving their just power from the consent of the governed. However, a nation that once stood for freedom has fallen. Our congress, a body of men and women elected to do the will of the people, has chosen to ignore the wishes of a majority of this nation.

It is undisputed that a preponderance of the populace does not support health care reform in its current state of being. Many polls show six out of 10 individuals dont believe the bill will help our failing economy, they believe quality of health care will fall, and the cost will outweigh the benefits.  (Dana Blanton, Fox News, March 18, 2010)  

So how is our current Congress any different from the Parliament that taxed our young nation so long ago without representation?  It would seem to me that the exact same thing is happening to us today. Year after year we send the same men and women back to Congress, never bothering to see if they acted in our best interests.  

How often, before you’ve gone to the election booth, have you searched to see what your representative really stands for?  

The voice you have is heard through the men and women in our Senate and our Congress. Is their voice echoing yours, or is it pushing forward agendas that will ensure more power, money, and prestige to their own person?

I, for one, am tired of being played for a fool. My representatives are accountable to me.  

We do not live under a kingship, nor do we live under an all powerful body of representatives who answer to no one. Those representatives answer to us, the people who elect them, the people who pay them, and the people whom they are there to represent. So many of us have forgotten that. You are an employer; is your employee acting in your best interest?  If not, then may I suggest you cast your vote differently this year?

Anne Thomas