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Letter to the editor
It may be too late to save our nation
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Forsyth County News
I agree with [guest columnist] Vince Coyner but ... the scale may have already tipped too far.

For the first time those who are receiving government benefits outnumber those who pay in. Therefore, those paying are already in the minority and may not be able to stop the rapid slide into a socialist state.

Future generations will be saddled with a national debt already exceeding 50 percent of GNP and growing. Due to the cost of raising a child (the president wants us to consider children dependants until the age of 26) families are shrinking.

At the same time we have the medical/scientific community saying there is no reason why people can’t live to the age of 115. If the majority of older Americans are not productive after the age of 70 this will surely compound an already difficult situation.

Ken Flanagan