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Letter to the editor
Call it home, but pronounce it right
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Forsyth County News
It has become commonplace for people in and around our county to say FORsyth County ... but that is just wrong. The correct way to say it is ForSYTH county, with the emphasis on the SYTH — the second syllable.

New people in ForSYTH County within the last 5-10 years don’t even know how to say it correctly.  Even candidates new to the county have lost votes because of this — seriously.  The new Avenues Forsyth say it incorrectly on all their phone recordings, and advertisements.

Now, the automated school system chick says it incorrectly as well — how in the world are we supposed to keep our heritage if the official offices can’t even pronounce their own county’s name in the correct fashion?

You may think this is absolutely silliness, but for the people who are native to ForSYTH County, this is serious business!  The natives are restless.

I equal it to someone saying Amer-EEE-ca .... or Geor-GEEA ... or, God forbid, ‘shake-SPEEE-are ... or, well, you get the idea. The em-PHA-sis on the wrong syll-A-ble.

And one more thing. For those outside of ForSYTH County, our city is called Cumming, without an ‘S’ on the end. Funny name for a city, I know, but at least it’s not plural!

Very best wishes from ForSYTH County, Georgia.

Jackie Goldston