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Letter to the editor
Tea Party members badly misrepresented out of ignorance
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Forsyth County News
I read with interest the response by Ricia Maxie, head of the Democratic Party of Forsyth County, in Wednesday’s news regarding the local tax rally.  In the article Maxie said the Democratic Party is unlikely to join them.  

“Democrats here just want to be level headed and look at things from a common sense point of view,” The tea party rallies don’t offer much balanced information, she said.  She went on to say, “Sound bites to win elections — not factual information and leading people down a path where they don’t have all the information.”  

Who is ill informed?   How can one make such demeaning statements if you don’t attend and see for yourself?

So that the all informed Forsyth Democratic Party can talk intelligently about the T-Party people, I will briefly explain who we are. We are not a third party. We don’t wish to be a third party. Instead we are people that are disillusioned by both parties. We are a place where Democrats, Independents, and Republicans can bond together to support candidates who believe in the Constitution. We don’t care what office they are running for, or even if they are Democrats. Somehow, this is about as diverse as you can get.  

My thoughts go back to Sept.12, 2009. I went to the March on Washington. When I returned home and listened to the news, I was amazed. Surely they were reporting on a different march than I attended. No one reported that a large number of blacks were in the crowd of over 1 million people. Three of the major speakers were black.

At 2:30 p.m .the expressways into Washington, D.C  were closed because people from the surrounding areas saw on TV what was going on and tried to get there to join in, completely jamming the roads. Our bus left for Atlanta at 6:30 and it took us two hours to go 30 miles.

The left can try to degrade the T-Party all they want, but somehow in the end the truth always wins.

Bob Frey