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Letter to the editor
Two on commission disgrace their seats by their actions
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Forsyth County News
After attending the April 13, Forsyth County Board of Commissioners work session, I came home and felt compelled to write this letter.

The county has three commissioners who are intelligent, logical and each has the ability to discuss differing points of view in a professional way. I am sorry to say that in my opinion two remaining commissioners do not have the ability to act like their professional peers.

One commissioner, when discussing an opposing point of view, resorts to name calling, yelling and totally illogical behavior. His district has received more than his share of county spending, but he continues to stand opposed to District 5 getting what it deserves. He enjoys baiting his peers on a subject so that he can engage in arguing and yelling. He was voted into office by running on a platform of cooperation and respect for the other commissioners, but he is failing in this promise.

The remaining commissioner had the ability to make a promise to another commissioner that he would vote for a specific purchase if that commissioner would vote for his project. A real quid pro quo.

The sad story about this man is that he does not keep his word and fails to vote on a project that he promised he would vote for. Another way of saying this is that this man lied to his fellow commissioner. He is a real favorite of city hall. When the subject came up at the meeting this commissioner sat with his arms folded and did not utter one single word regarding the subject of his promise. Not a very honorable thing to do.

These two men were voted into office because the voters felt that they would uphold the voters’ trust and be honorable in executing their duties.How can you maintain the trust when you lie, lose your temper and call your peer an idiot and other names. The citizens of Forsyth County deserve a higher standard from their elected officials.

Ken Leach