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Letter to the editor
Writer was correct about county officials
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Forsyth County News
In regard to a letter from Ken Leach in Sunday’s News, I did research and learned that Mr. Leach is absolutely correct in his assessment of two of our county commissioners. It is a shame we have this kind of representation conducting county business. Four years ago the people of Forsyth were given the opportunity to elect new people to the board in order to correct some of the “good old boy” politics of the past. We certainly made some mistakes.

Folks we need to conduct some serious research in order to find responsible commissioners to serve our county. If we are not careful we will again have the city of Cumming running the county and have runaway, irresponsible building and continuing traffic problems.

We now see what happens when we sit back, ignore issues and pay none or very little attention to our elected officials. We simply cannot allow this to continue on a national, state and county level. Lets throw the bums out who are taking down our great country.

Larry Mann