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Letter to the editor
Reclaim country from its politicians
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Forsyth County News
It seems the people are beginning to wakeup that the president, congress, state legislatures, PSC and even our own county commissioners do not seem to be working for the people that elected them to office. I think the great people of the United States are in the mood to turn them all out to pasture and elect some honest (with morals), people to office in the next few elections.

I have always thought that the longer term a politician is in office, it gives them more time to gain power that they can misuse for their own agendas.

The president (and congress is helping him), is trying to take over our country. I do not believe that the president has ever been a CEO of any company and now he knows how to run the greatest country in the world. Ha, Ha (I don’t think so).

Our state legislators were going to have ethics reform after the last stink but that went in the sewer. They cannot even get together and vote for ethics reform because they might make some members and lobbyist smad. Such a shame.

The PSC (now that Commissioner Baker is leaving and he seemed to be the only member to fight for us) was fighting a losing battle. When voting was done it was usually a 4 to 1 outcome. I think he just got tired of trying. Now they have no one to fight for the people and can just raise the rates as the utilities tell them to.

The good old gang of county commissioners are trying their best to purchase a golf course for four times what it was appraised for; and one of them is crying that he cannot spend as much (or waste) in his district as is being spent in other districts. There seems to be two who do care and who are fighting this purchase, thank goodness, and maybe all of them will come around if they delay the purchase.

Folks, please vote, and if you are not registered please do so and vote in the next election to save our country before it is too, too, late.

God bless, and God loves you and gives us the power to reclaim our great country.

Sid Barfield