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Letter to the editor
Buying golf course is a bargain for the county
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Forsyth County News
I find it very interesting that the article on the ethics complaint against Commissioner Brian Tam in the Sunday May 9 Forsyth County News was placed on page 3A instead of the front page. This complaint, in my opinion, is more important than the article about a commission candidate who was disqualified because he lived outside his district.

At a time when the media is being criticized on being partial to a point of view rather than being a reporter of fact on an impartial basis, it would seem that the all charges of ethics violations should have been printed along with the Forsyth County code of ethics that pertain to the charges. This would allow the public to make an intelligent decision on the facts of the charge.

The headline for the article was about the ethics complaint, but much of the article referred to the purchase of the golf course with Mr. Tam saying that he has never supported the purchase. The old quid pro quo is easily forgotten. I wish that the person who Mr. Tam made the promise to would step up and tell him and the public about his promise of support of purchase.

Buying the golf course is a bargain at $53,000 an acre compared to the Harrison property at $133,000 per acre or the Buice property at $120,000 per acre. The last two properties will cost the county in development and maintenance fees. The price paid for those two properties is about four times the assessed value and the price for the golf course is about three times the assessed value based upon the county’s portion ($9 million). This is a consistent value for the county.

One purchase would generate an income and would be improved by a million dollars at no cost to the county. Why are Commissioners Bell and Tam so against the county acquiring 172 acres of beautiful land that will enhance the county’s green space, golf course or not? Would it have anything to do with the city’s desire to have Lanier developed for residential housing so that they can get the water and sewage revenue?

Ken Leach