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Letter to the editor
Commissioners need to hear from public
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Forsyth County News
It seems the voters will have to educate some of our county commissioners about spending our money to purchase the Lanier Golf Course.

First of all,you don’t buy any property just because it’s for sale, and the funds to buy it might be available. Secondly, you don’t buy it without a documented plan on how it will be used to meet the limited, smaller government needs of Forsyth County’s citizens. We can already play golf at Lanier.

A third point is that irrelevant comparisons to other purchases do not justify this one, which has too many risks and undisclosed elements. Is there a liability to the county if the 99-year lease to operate the golf course is terminated?

There are many other points, but I hope the county commissioners will get the point without waiting for the next election.

They claim to be “conservatives,” so let them conserve, or admit that term has lost it’s legitimacy.     

Tony Gardner