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Letter to the editor
Aging loved ones force hard choices
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Forsyth County News
You know, I have lived approximately 73 years and I have had some bad things happen and good things to happen in my life. The good things always outweigh the bad.

We have been through a lot of health issues with my wife, kids and myself. With the good Lord’s help we have always found a way to survive and prosper during these times.

Recently, my mother, who is 93 years of age, fell and broke her hip and of course had to go to the hospital. We chose not to have surgery for her, after consultation with her doctors, considering her age, heart condition and other problems of health. She stayed in the hospital for six days taking pain medicine and therapy. Then we had to make a decision to send her to rehab, which we did.

If you have a heart — and any feelings at all — that is one of the hardest things we have had to make a decision on in our life. This happened a few days ago and we did not have a choice because, in her condition, we could not look after her and give her the care that she needed.

I still feel like a heel when she looks at us, as though, she is asking, why did we let this happen to her? It sure destroys you to know what she is thinking and going through with her life. Also, she cannot speak except a few single words.

I pray for those that have had to go through this ordeal with their own loved ones. God leaves us here on this earth so we can ask him for the wisdom we need to make the best decision that we possibly can make and learn to live with these decisions. I know there have been many of you that have had to make these difficult decisions.

God bless you all in your decision making times.

Sid Barfield