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Letter to the editor
Deputies waste time, ticket for money
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Forsyth County News
I read with great interest the letters from Mr. Morris and Ms. Martin in this past Sunday’s paper and couldn’t agree more. Forsyth County slashes education budgets without batting an eye, yet continues to fund a plethora of patrol cars on a daily basis.

I too, have often wondered why there are multiple patrol cars up and down Hwy. 20/Buford Highway at all hours of the day, I’ve been pulled over twice when my children have been driving -— safely and within speed limits — no tickets issued, leaving us scratching our heads wondering why we were pulled.

I have heard that Forsyth County traffic court rakes in money on a daily basis with all of the tickets that are issued — where is this money going?

I have been stranded on Windermere Parkway with a flat tire and cars zooming past — while waiting for my husband to come help out — all the while, also being passed by several patrol cars — none stopping to offer assistance.

Once there were four patrol cars blocking Windermere Parkway, all officers sitting in their gas-guzzling (running) cars, offering no assistance whatsoever. I had to actually get out of my car, crossing two lanes — in order to find out exactly where they wanted the cars to go.

Sherriff Paxton wasn’t happy about the vote that did not fund his new prison and behold just weeks later mold is discovered In the building? Yet somehow he continues to win his “elections” with 80 percent of the “vote.” Thank goodness for the free press and for folks beginning to pay attention.

Anna Brown