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Letter to the editor
Golf course should be on a ballot
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Forsyth County News
As a concerned citizen of Forsyth County, I am disappointed in the recent actions of Jim Harrell. As a conservative, I am appalled by Jim Harrell’s ill regard for our county’s financial state and even more so for his disregard for citizen input regarding the purchase of Lanier Golf Course. By voting to postpone a vote to place the potential purchase on the ballot, Jim has ensured continued gridlock in our county government.

I believe strongly that as a Republican and as a taxpayer that our local government should not be engaged in business that competes with private enterprise.  There is no shortage of golf amenities in our community and in these difficult times, our elected leaders should strive to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.

However, I realize my voice is only one of many across our great county. So, what is the solution? Place the question on the ballot and allow voters to ensure their voices are heard.Commissioner Harrell has made no attempt to seek public input on this issue from his constituents.

I am disappointed that Commissioner Harrell has rejected the voice of his constituents by refusing to place the purchase of the golf course on the July ballot; Commissioner Harrell has attempted to silence the voices of taxpayers.

Chris Abellana