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Letter to the editor
Election flap ignores issues of importance
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Forsyth County News
There seem to be two issues of concern to the Forsyth County News regarding Brant Meadows candidacy. Regrettably, neither of them appears to be related to the issues that confront us as Forsyth County residents.

First is the location of Meadows residence. Is it really in District 1? The Voter Registrar’s website shows a District One location for his address, so I guess the only remaining unknown is a survey question which Mr. Bowman feels may indicate the Meadows’ house is actually in District 5.
Hopefully, Ms. Luth will quickly determine where Mr. Meadows’ house is physically located, and that the Meadows family does indeed live there.

The additional drama of the inappropriately applied homestead exemption will hopefully be addressed proactively by the tax commissioner and/or the tax assessors office. In all likelihood, the Meadows moved from their former property to their current property, and the continuing exemption was overlooked by the tax assessor as well as the Meadows. I suspect that this is a rather common occurrence and has been remedied by the payment of back taxes and interest.

The fact that immediately upon his candidacy Brant Meadows proactively and in person requested a close examination of his property tax position with the county, and was told that there were no discrepancies, does make one wonder how subsequently a private citizen like Mr. Bowman would be the one to bring this to the attention of the newspaper a month later, and what motivations lie therein. One also wonders if other candidates’ property tax payments (or lack thereof) will make front page news.

If we focus on issues such as this rather than candidates’ insights to and their potential ability to work together as commissioners toward solutions of the real issues and problems confronting our county, we will not fare well in the upcoming election.

Charles I. Smith