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Letter to the editor
Try alternatives to bigger classes
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Forsyth County News
It concerns me that increased class size seems to be the solution for our state and local educators instead of looking outside the box. Four-day school weeks work very well as cost savings and they have been shown to make improvements in graduation rates, student attendance, test scores and more. By increasing the school day by close to 1 hour and placing all work days on the off Monday, it provides the same number of hours a year.

The savings come from using less utilities, bus maintenance, and gas; it has also been found that teachers are less absent, saving in cost of substitutes. The amount of savings is astounding, saving teacher jobs and keeping classroom size down. My hope is when it comes down to push and shove, Forsyth will be open to all the solutions out there and will take the time to do the math.

The other benefit to a four-day school week is to the community and the environment. Think one extra day a week without the school traffic on our roads or cars sitting in car pools polluting the air. When community programs step up to assist in day camps that offer extra tutoring on those Mondays there is a ripple effect.

Sharon Machek