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Letter to the editor
Sheriffs department deserving of praise
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Forsyth County News
I would like to respond to the recent complaints about the Forsyth Sheriff’s Department. If you are interested in the facts, all of the equipment, maintenance and storage for the Water Patrol Unit are donated by local businesses, who are well aware of the need for such a unit on Lake Lanier.  

This unit patrols more that 220 miles of shoreline. If you live on or enjoy spending time on Lake Lanier, you know full well of the heavy boat traffic and dangers that exist. Intoxicated boaters, who would never think of getting behind the wheel of a car in such a condition, are out speeding across the lake in high powered boats on a daily basis. If you witness such erratic behavior and call 911, who do you think is going to respond?  

Just remember the next time you are out watching your kids swim, enjoying a beautiful holiday weekend, there are a number of trained officers on the lake as well, not having fun with their families, but out there to protect and serve everyone on the lake.  

As to the complaints about the officers pulling over soccer moms for not coming to a full stop at stop signs, my guess is they are the same soccer moms that complained about people speeding through their neighborhoods, endangering their children, and insured that stop signs were put in place.
The rules apply to everyone.  

If you are interested in living in a county where there are no pesky cops on patrol, I’m sure there are many homes in DeKalb, Fulton and Clayton where you can see the results of corrupt, poorly run police departments. No worries of cops having fun out on the lake. They are busy with stabbings, shootings and home invasions. The next time you complain about your Sheriff’s Department, you might want to think of the alternative.  

I for one am very thankful for the exceptional public safety in Forsyth County.

Ginny Davis