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Letter to the editor
Parks should enforce anti-littering laws
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Forsyth County News
Living near Lake Lanier, I have always felt fortunate to have such a beautiful place to hike and run. But today, I was disgusted to see the amount of trash around the Laurel Ridge Trail at Lake Lanier.

As the trail winds its way through the woods and in and around various pavilions and parking areas that are predominatantly frequented by our international citizens, it is disheartening that they show so little respect for the area. Trash is littered everywhere, even though trash receptacles are nearby.

Since these areas charge fees, I would encourage our park workers to enforce the littering laws and levy fines against the offenders. They should also post signs that educate these people that this is not a third world country where discarding trash anywhere they want is the accepted norm. In the meantime, I would also encourage them to patrol the areas and pick up the trash.

As a tax paying, fee paying citizen, I should not be the one filling up a trash bag like I did today.

Jeffrey Gelinas