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Letter to the editor
Voters have to be better informed
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Forsyth County News
Once again a couple of letters in Sunday’s news show how uninformed voters are on issues that are under scrutiny in the upcoming elections.
It appears there are many who think the golf course purchase by the county is a done deal. Folks, the decision has not been made to purchase the Lanier Golf Course.

As to the homestead exemption issue with two candidates, it is agreed that both should have made it a point to verify their homestead status if they own more that one residence In the county. One candidate seems to have a point since his spouse applied and signed one without his knowledge, if that is in fact true. The other has no excuse and did pay up when caught.

It is also agreed that Forsyth County should be responsible in verifying homestead exemptions each year and crack down on violators. How much revenue would this bring in at a needed time?

In another case a candidate does not seem to know, or be efficient in listing, numerous properties owned in Forsyth County, It is his responsibility to be upfront and not evasive. If a candidate is not honest and truthful, is evasive or unaware of facts concerning issues they do not deserve your vote.

Folks, the primary and general elections are critical to Forsyth County, state of Georgia and the United States. Educate yourself, not by listening to your friends and neighbors, but by making sure you know the facts about issues, and know how the candidates fit the agenda.

Larry Mann