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Letter to the editor
Time to quit fighting losing lawsuits
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Forsyth County News
It looks as though our Commissioners don’t need our additional tax money quite as bad as they say. This board has asked that the Lanier Golf Course case be started over with a new judge based on a technicality because the judge went to look at the course. In what seems to be an orchestrated sham on the citizens, on Wednesday the board discusses raising taxes by 1.25 mill and then on Thursday we find out they continue to waste tax dollars on lawsuits. How conveniently timed. They lost the Bethel Park case and continue to fight, they lose the Lanier Golf Course case and continue to fight.  It’s easy to keep fighting a losing battle when it’s our money they are wasting.  Let it come from their pocket and see how long they go.

Our police force is on the verge of getting reduced by 1/3 because the commissioners cannot fund it properly, but we spend money on lawyers fighting cases we lost. This is because a handful of people led by Commissioners Jim Boff and Jim Harrell don’t want to allow a man to use his property unless it’s the way they want it used — and they use our tax dollars to pay for the fight, at the expense of our safety. 

Commissioner Harrell has already OK’d raising taxes for a park so I guess he does not really care about a little more to secure some favoritism from the golf course crowd.  I have also heard through political rumblings that Chairman Laughinghouse is going to vote to buy the golf course after the election. If those three buy the course let’s hope Bell and Tam have enough sense to rezone it and sell it at a profit to offset the wasted money.

This is our fiscally responsible, ultra-conservative, rock solid Republican Board of Commissioners at work folks.  We are going broke with less money in the bank than in the history of Forsyth County, the Water Department is losing millions each year and the board, under the leadership of Chairman Laughinghouse and Vice-Chairman Harrell and Secretary Jim Boff, wants to raise taxes to pay for their pet lawsuits and parks.

And we sit back and wonder what’s wrong in government?  I’d hope that every citizen in the county will show up at the public meeting next week when the tax hike is to be talked about and let these guys know we will not accept this any longer.

Tony Barilla