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Letter to the editor
Career politicians not good for us
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Forsyth County News
You know I still cannot understand, for the life of me, why anyone would vote for an incumbent. They are doing their level best to be a career politician, changing one job in politics for another, which we do not need.

We still need term limits, not only local but state and federal also, to stop this practice of someone being able to acquire huge sums of money, not to mention power, so that the average man cannot run for any office because they cannot receive these funds from big corporations and PAC money. They have nothing they can offer these people that money will buy.

Now look at Georgia Power. They want to charge approximately $11 per month on each residential customer on January 2011 on the base rate and on top of that in 2012 they want $2.39 per month in January, $1.68 in February, and $1.31 in June of same year, in addition to other charges later on. Besides this, they have asked the PSC to bypass the “system of review” for six months and allow them to do these surcharges at their discretion. Now this is in addition to what they are going to charge for nuclear reactors.

The PSC is nothing but a puppet for the utilities. After we lost two of our members that would fight for us we are at their mercy. That is their responsibility, you know. They need to wake up and fight for their people instead of approving every increase that the utilities ask for. This is a terrible time to push for these increases with people out of jobs and losing their homes. Would you call this greed? This recession (depression) is a long way from being over, but our governments keep spending like it is, and my guess is another 18 months at least, if by then.

I pray that you will contact your PSC representative and let them know what you feel about these increases. Don’t be ashamed to let them know we are tired of being trod upon.

Sid Barfield