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Letter to the editor
Employees with county vehicles should live nearby
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Forsyth County News
It has come to my attention that excessive spending is running out of control in Forsyth County government.

The taxpayers of this county are furnishing employees and sheriff deputies transportation to and from work from as far away as Stephens County, just a few miles from South Carolina. As important as some of these employees are, there is no way that they can reach this county safely and in a resonable amount of time.

Also, in the very difficult economic times we are in, it is easier to reduce benefits such as this and continue service to the taxpayers than to raise taxes to create more income to pay for this type of lavish benefit that is not needed or fair to the taxpayers of this county.

I am sure that there are people with the same qualifications and experience that live a lot closer to Forsyth County that can perform the same duties just as well as people that live in Stephens County. If these jobs are so valuable to these employees, then maybe they need to move to Forsyth County where they can be of better service to the taxpayers that support them and their families. It is not fair to the taxpayers nor is it responsible government.  

Tony Rich